Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pinterest, We Heart It, and Falling asleep

Hey Everyone!

I am tired today...really....really.....really....tired.

So I just thought I would share a secret with you. 

Before I go to bed every night and I have already put my beautiful mac laptop away, I get my phone to set my alarm for work the next day and then sneakily go to We Heart It.

I am definitely a Pinterest girl.  I love making my boards and I get excited when I see new images to pin and when people I don't know pin my pins.

Yet, every night I go to We Heart It, click on the word Love or Beautiful to bring up images related to that and then scroll through some pages.  There are less words and clutter than on Pinterest and I can just look and not think. 

I usually end up falling asleep with a happy heart because the images make me smile.

You should try it. 

Falling asleep to beautiful images is lovely.
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