Monday, February 27, 2012

Home is where your heart is Stamp on LoveUPaperly and Some inexpensive Wedding Dresses on SimplyBridal

Hello Lovelies!

I am sitting on the recliner with ice on my neck, but I am freshly showered and I just made a pretty new paper flower so I'm feeling like I accomplished something today.  Oh, I also went to work, and Mer and I filled out some paper work.  I am also planning on eating chocolate later...maybe for dinner, so that will round it out for a nice Monday.

A new adorably, simple stamp is available on LoveUPaperly for only $1.10!

I have had this image in my head for awhile and it was nice to finally carve it out and stamp it!

I think it is such a sweet stamp and I could imagine it being used for a house warming or a reunion, or maybe stamped on napkins.  Cute, right?!

Now onto Wedding Dresses!  I am still looking and I came across the site Simply Bridal and the reviews are good and the dresses are great prices!

These are three of my favorites, each one $200 or under.
Gemina Gown
Roxanne Gown
Kaitlyn Gown

Simply Bridal is not a paid sponsor, but I would definitely check them out.  At least it might give you good ideas!



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