Saturday, February 25, 2012

Radio (Blogger) Silence

Hello All!

I usually try to keep this blog and my posts upbeat though I do share some personal stuff that is going on.

These past few days have been difficult for me for numerous reasons, especially yesterday, hence I imposed blogger silence on you.

When I looked up the term "Radio Silence" the definition that stuck out was this:
radio silence is a status in which all fixed or mobile radio stations in an area are asked to stop transmitting for safety or security reasons.

 I hereby coin the phrase "Blogger Silence".  When I say this dear readers, you will all know that for safety reasons, usually for myself or family, I needed to take a few days off.

I will post Artist Friday either later today and tomorrow and I hope that imposing "Blogger Silence" will be few and far between.

Enjoy your Saturday's, drink some coffee, lay in bed, enjoy your family!



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