Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An amazing artist that Quills and a new card coming soon on LoveUPaperly

Hello, Hello!

It was a snowy one tonight here in Maryland!  I am just happy that it looks like no shoveling will have to take place to get out of the house tomorrow for work!

I do have a new card to show you I hope by tomorrow on LoveUPaperly and I have lots of ideas swirling around so new things should be coming soon.  I will keep you posted.

I just finished my microbiology class tonight and as you know I am immersed in medicine all day so when I found this artist I wanted to share it with you.

Her name is Lisa Nilsson and boy is she ahhhmazing!

Her work that I love the most is her quilling entitled Tissue Series. 

If you have been following my blog for awhile you know that I also love quilling and did a lot of it while recovering from my neck surgery. 

Quilling the art of rolling and manipulating strips of paper to make designs.  Lisa Nilsson takes this art to a new level by creating cross sections of the human body using paper.

This is why she started the series:
“I was out [junking] and came across an antique quilled piece of religious art. It was a very fancy filigreed crucifix-gilt. I later learned that nuns and monks used edges of old bibles to make pieces like this,” said Nilsson in an interview with ArtSake.  Around the same time, she had stumbled across a French book of hand-colored anatomical cross sections which she felt was a great way to showcase quilling.

The have a bit of a yuck factor, but at the same time are strangely beautiful, delicate, and intimate.  I thought perfectly fitting images for a day filled with medicine!

Aren't they beautiful in a strange way?  It takes the artist hours to put them together.

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