Sunday, September 15, 2013

New artwork in honor of the funny Geico commercial...

Happy Sunday!

Per usual all the inhabitants of the Green household are in a snit.  Oh Sunday, how I do not like you.

To cheer myself up recently between school and work I have been watching the Geico commercial on youtube.  The one with the camel who is walking around asking everyone what day it is (Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike).

For some reason watching this commercial makes me laugh out loud and then I watch it again, and again, and the more I watch it the more I laugh.

I had to honor something that made me so happy.  I am going to turn it into a card but right now this is the original watercolor painting.
I don't think it just has to just be about Wednesday either!

Lots of Love,


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Funny and slightly inappropriate cards that I am proud of....

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Does anyone else get very grumpy on Sunday?  Meridyth pointed my mood out to me today when I was stomping around the house making a list to go to grocery store.

If I look back on my behavior it seems that I get grumpy every Sunday, especially when I am in school too, and I think it is because Sunday means that my whole world collides again on Monday.

Something that has been putting me in a good mood is some of my new art work I have been working on that is now posted in my etsy shop LoveUPaperly!

I have been doing a lot of hand-lettering and have turned that into a new section in my shop of funny and slightly inappropriate cards.

This card makes me laugh!  It is currently listed for $2.25 on my site.  I was inspired partly by my grumpy moods and partly by the Jewish Holidays.

This card was made with colored pencils and I loved the way it looked once it was scanned digitally and printed.

Look for more fun things on LoveUPaperly and I will go back to trying not to be grumpy.

Lots of Love!