Friday, February 17, 2012

Artist Friday

Happy Friday!

What a very, very, very, loooong week!  I am glad to finally have two days to do homework, sleep late, watch t.v. with my sweetie, and maybe take some naps!

I am highlighting an amazing artist today who I am very excited about.

Her name is Liz Wolfe and she is a conceptual photographer who is living and working in Toronto, Canada.

She has no artist statement available on her website, but from my own perception she uses everyday objects and items, manipulating them and making the viewer look  and see in new and exciting ways.
Sugar Hills
Yellow Shoes and Sardines
Red Shoes/Tampon
Lollipop Garden
Distorted Cones
I think her work is so interesting.  I love how everything is in bright and happy colors but that conceptually when you look closer there is something a little off.

Sort of like life sometimes, right?

Look tomorrow for the end pictures of my chalkboard glass tutorial!

Lots of love,


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