Monday, February 13, 2012

New Unicorn card on LoveUPaperly, Adele, and a cool craft tutorial

Hello my friends!

I needed, yes, NEEDED to show you the new card I put on LoveUPaperly yesterday.  I love everything I make and put in my shop, otherwise I wouldn't try to sell them to you!  That is a big rule for me, if I wouldn't think it was cool or want to buy it why should I ask other people too?

Sometimes I am unsure as I am making things, and then sometimes it seems as if the heavenly crafting gods come together and what I see in my head is what comes out as the image.

This happened when I was carving the new linoleum unicorn stamp that went into making this card!

This card is available on my shop for $2.25.  Believe is letter-pressed in navy blue and original linoleum unicorn stamp is prominent in silver.

Another cool thing I wanted to share with you is an awesome craft tutorial I found by Laurie Cinotto on her Flickr account.

I have always wanted to make fortune cookies as favors and I have been throwing the idea around of making them for our wedding.  The other link I found for making them was on Martha Stewart and by the time I read through the directions and the supplies I would need I was really discouraged.  Sorry Martha!

However, Laurie's directions in photos are clear, simple, and awesome.
Check out more of her photos and tutorials on her Flickr site.  Very cool!

Last but certainly not least is that Adele (my singer girl crush at the moment) won BIG at the Grammy's last night!  I was beyond excited and I just think she is so cool. 

Here are the five reasons why I adore Adele:
1.  She doesn't try to be anyone she is not
2.  She has no gimmicks or flashy dancers when she sings. All that girl has to do is sing!
3.  She is actually horribly shy and usually throws up before preformances
4.  After her album 19 she worked in the back of a record store to keep up on the latest music
5.  I love how she curses with her cockney/British accent.  If I sounded like that I would curse a lot!
Photo by Lucy Nicholson/Reuters
Isn't she the cutest?!

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