Monday, January 23, 2012

New Card on LoveUPaperly and a tired, cold, Monday

Hello all you gorgeous readers!

To tell you the truth I am pooped tonight!  I had to see the doctor this morning, worked most of the day, and then came home to crash with an icepack!

I have been working on some new cards.  I think this one is cute, look for more on LoveUPaperly.

I am OBSESSED with this cow stamp!
I don't have much else in the land of this blog right now.  Meridyth and I are planning the wedding and I have soo much work to do!  I need to start figuring out what we want the invite to say and then I need to start working on the ceremony, and hire a photographer.

Plus, school starts next week.  For those of you that don't know, I have a master's in graphic design but found my true calling accidentally when I started working for a cardiology practice.  So, now I am taking classes to hopefully apply to PA school in a year or two!  The two classes this semester are microbiology and medical terminology.

I love working all day and using the analytical part of my brain and then coming home to blog and work on my shop which is so much more artsy.

Do any of you have arty jobs and then go home and do math or work as a doctor and love to blow glass on the weekends?  I love the dichotomy of that and my life feels fuller than it has ever been.

Until tomorrow lovelies.  Yes it is 6:30 p.m. but I am going to lie down and watch t.v. with my eyes close while my body heals!



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