Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cute Illustrations, New Valentine's Day card, and Stumble Upon

It's Sunday, It's Sunday!  "That's my fun day!"
I thought I would break out a little 80's Manic Monday for you!

Well, it has been a great weekend so far!  Meridyth and I saw my parent's yesterday.  They live in Florida now a good part of the winter, but when they are home in Maryland they only live about a half hour from us.  So, we went out to dinner at a mexican restaurant and had a lovely time!  One of the specials was guacamole with crab and corn.  YUM!

I also slept wonderfully!  The kind of sleep where you wake up with your face smushed in the pillow, you are drooling, and must have also been snoring since your cat is about an inch away from you and looking at you when you open an eye!

Since I slept so well I have been browsing the world wide web this morning and found some awesome illustrations that I wanted to share!
This illustration is by Malaysian artist Chow Hon Lam.  The minute I saw it, it make me laugh.  I love the expression of the cow!  Check out more of his awesome work on his etsy shop!

Another illustration that caught my attention was Alex Noriega.
Her artwork is really whimsical and endearing but also deals with real life problems and thoughts.  Check out more on her blog here.

On a different topic, have you guys ever used Stumble Upon?  I had never heard of it, so either I am staying at home and watching way too much t.v. or it hasn't been around for a long time.  Regardless, it is my new obsession!  You sign up for the service, it's free, and drag their tool bar to the top of your internet browser.  It allows you to pick topics your are interested in and then all you do is click Stumble and it will bring up new websites you might like based on your interests!  So cool....and addicting!  Check it out here.

I also added a new Valentine's Day card to LoveUPaperly, and I was featured in a treasury yesterday featuring LOVE!

I like the contrast of the red and the yellow and the retro look of the linoleum stamp that I made.  What do you guys think?

Also, lots of links to click on, so check them out!

Until tomorrow, have a great end of the weekend!



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