Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Overcoming different wedding ideas


My partner and I are getting married this May.  It might be legal, it might not, depending on how the vote goes in Maryland, but we have been together seven years in August and want to commit in front of our family and friends and of course throw a kick ass party!!!

Meridyth and I are both in school, but when I am not working, doing school work, or making art I am dreaming/looking/drooling over wedding images.  Images of dresses, of parties, of table settings swirl in my mind as I sleep.

To take you back further I was a hippie in college.  As in dirty, dirty hippie.  I still have some of that bohemian in me so I am dreaming of a handmade, colorful, and beautiful look.

Meridyth on the other hand keeps saying she wants it to be "classy".  That makes me laugh a little because so far the most stressful part of planning has been figuring out the correct etiquette on the Save the Date cards! 

Anyways, I would not use classy to describe me at all.  Maybe fun, sweet, colorful, good listener, whirling dervish...not classy!
This is me by the way!  We were at the beach.  My hair is much longer though.  I have been growing it for the wedding!
So in this post I am going to post images I like.  In another post this week I am going to post images  I think Mer will like and then show them to her.  A third post with hopefully have us meeting in the middle!

Now images I love for wedding ideas:  I will call it Bohemian Chic
(Note:  I am being a bad blogger because many of these images were downloaded months ago and I cannot find the source!  If you own it or know who does let me know and I will gladly cite it!)
What do you guys think?  Looking at the images they kind of all go together except for the pompom garland!

Until tomorrow lovelies!



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