Friday, January 20, 2012

Artist Friday featuring

I was using the app Stumble which I am addicted too when I want find cool things on the web (I also talked about it in this blog post), and I came across this artist/photographer who I found to be really, really cool.

Her name is Ariana Page Russell and her photography is mostly about her skin condition.  She has dermotagraphia.  This is a condition where the skin is highly sensitive even when lightly scratched. 
With this touch her body produces an excessive amount of histamines which causes capilleries to dilate and therefore produces welts.

She is therefore able to painlessly draw on her skin.

I have always been fascinated by body image.  Being a woman myself and an artist I found in my late teens/early twenties I focused a lot on self perception and how that related to other's views. 

I am absolutely enthralled with how this artist has taken something that could have made her feel self conscious and instead shows it to the whole world as her art.

In some of her pieces she also uses photographs of her skin and turns them into collages or temporary tattoos and uses those in her photographs. 

I find myself comparing her to a modern day Francesca Woodman.  I think this comparison could be that both artist's images make me vaguely uncomfortable.

I have always found that the artists I am drawn to the most are those that push my boundries and comfort.   To me feeling unsettled by a work of art means that it is truly saying something.
Flora 2006

Flora (Knee) 2006

Index 2005
Cameo Deux
Net 2011
Interesting, right?  Definitely check out her website and read her artist statement.  I think she is really relavent and interesting.

What do you guys think?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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