Thursday, January 19, 2012

A New Card on LoveUPaperly

Hello Lovelies!

It is so very cold here in Maryland but we are also very lucky that we are not getting a blizzard like those in the west, a.k.a. my sister in Seattle!

I wanted to post a new card I made that I am sort of in love with.  Check out more work on LoveUPaperly.

I know everything I make is not going to make everyone fall in love, but the image of the pink cow makes me laugh!  It could be that I am tired and delirious, but if it makes me laugh then I will take it!

Also, I have pinned a few images on pinterest that I am digging so I am going to share them with you!
I found this lone image using Stumble so if any of you know the owner/or are the owner let me know!  It is an amazing image and I want to give it, it's proper credit!  
I love abandoned buildings.  Something about the imprint of life that was left from the people that used to go there fills me with awe.  Does anyone know where this is/who took it?!  I am in LOVE!

I also found an amazing website that shows views of different cities/countries from the sky.
original source from Flickr showing Chicago in the fog
Cargill Salt Ponds in San Francisco Bay.  Original source from Flickr
Go to this website to see more amazing images from the Sky.  Looking at the world from above can really be amazing!  That color red/pink of the salt ponds makes me want to eat strawberries!

So, tomorrow is artist Friday!  Are you excited?!  If you are an artist and would like to be featured please e-mail me at

Until tomorrow my friends,



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