Monday, January 16, 2012

Loving LOVE and a new LOVE card on LoveUPaperly

Happy Happy Monday my friends!

How is everyone doing today?  I have been thinking a lot about love today.

It could be the fact that I have been making tons of LOVE cards, here is the new one!
LOVE is letter-pressed and the circles are hand-stamped in varying shades see them on LoveUPaperly
Or the fact that even when being in love sucks most people still love LOVE.

In another life I was actually a wedding photographer.  I still have my website up so you can view it, but I'm not actively photographing weddings partly because of my neck surgery and partly because I am working full time and in school again!

However, my point is that Love is awesome.  It is awesome when I see older couples in their eighties holding hands, I love when a groom sees his bride for the first time, I also love when I see images that make me feel love.

Hearts, hearts are the best!  So are puppies, and kitties, and rainbows, and clouds.  Images that make my heart fill with!

That takes me today.  I am going to share some images of love today, or what I see as love, or just images I love.

Perfect I think for a very, very cold Monday.
Gorgeous photograph taken by photographer Marianne Taylor
Amazing photograph from a husband and wife team called A Bicycle For Two
Gorgeous engagement session from

Photo from sonriemeee's
Original illustration found here
image originally found on Cream Soda and Love Hearts tumblr
Image found on Country-Life Tumblr
Photograph by Virgil Bunao
Until tomorrow lovelies....GO LOVE!


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