Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Valentine's Day Card and Good News

I just posted my first Valentine's Day card in my shop!  Is it alright that I am kind of in love with this new card?  I might give one to my own honey for Valentine's Day!

It is a gay friendly card, this one specifically for two women, but I am going to make one for men and men/women couples as well.

The imprint of the letterpress is deep and I am digging the sillouettes!

On different news, Meridyth and I went to the surgeon today.  It was a looong drive to the hospital where he works in D.C., a looong wait, and a looong drive home.  However, there is good news!  I am healing well and he said I was actually right where I was supposed to be in terms of swelling and pain.

The doctor also said, that he never told me that I should be back to working full time by eight weeks.  My mom and I both told him, but he said it's normal to be out of work for awhile, which made me feel less mopey and better!

I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!

until tomorrow,



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