Friday, January 6, 2012

More Valentine's Day cards and Friday artist showcase

Hello, hello!

How is everyone doing today?  It is about 60 degrees here in Maryland which is a nice change from the very cold weather, but weird for January.

I wanted to share a set of new cards I put up on LoveUPaperly.
Four cards with envelopes to match are $8!  Each card is letter-pressed and stamped with a hand-cut linoleum stamp.  I think they are super cute!

Sort of on the same note, since I have been busy making art lately, I was thinking today about all the wonderful and very talented artists I have had the opportunity to live and work with and I wanted to talk about a two of them today.

I went to graduate school in Venice, Italy at the Scuola Internazionale Di Grafica.  This means that not only did I have the opportunity to live in Venice for a year, but I was exposed to AMAZING artists!

Greg Murr:  Not only is Greg an interesting guy and a great cook but his attention to detail and the nuances of his art are really beautiful.  In Italy he would spend hours mixing different shades of the same color, he also loves coffee, a lot!

Claire Rau:  Claire was my graduate thesis adviser, but also an amazing artist, strong woman, and confidant.  Without her, school would not have been nearly as focused or challenging.  On top of it all she is an amazing artist making strong social statements while working with a variety of material in sculpture and prints.

I recommend clicking on their links and looking at their websites which have their artist statements, portfolios, and contact.

So, I am thinking that Sunday I have been trying to do a lovely photograph (I forgot this last Sunday! Oops!), and Friday will be Artist Showcase Friday highlighting a new artist or two every week.  What do you guys think?  I would love suggestions or e-mail or comment about a new artist to highlight!

I hope everyone has a splendid weekend!  I am going to make some new cards tomorrow that are perculating in my head.  Can't wait to show you!



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