Monday, January 2, 2012

New Item in Etsy Shop and some fun finds around the web

Hello lovelies!

Hope everyone is doing well today. 

It is very nice to have a day off today and get paid for it!  I love federal holidays!!!

As you know, I have been working very hard on some concepts for LoveUPaperly and I wanted to introduce a new item.

It is hopefully the start of a collection of cards that I want to make of people both real and in movies/books, etc...that I think are enspiring.

This first one is my rendition of an incredibly talented singer/artist that is not only gorgeous but makes her own rules as she goes.  Drum roll please!!!  It's Adele.

I believe Adele dreamed big even though she didn't fit the mold of the Britney Spears or the Katy Perry and boy did she break records this year!

Her voice is also absolutely delicious and I would probably give about anything to see her in concert.

So here is the card I made.  Letter-pressed in lovely pink is Dream Big and stamped onto the card in black is an original hand-cut interpretation of Adele.

I do hope you like it, I think it came out nicely!  Go here to look at more of my products!

So, this is going to be a post just full of pictures!  Here are some things that I am loving around the web these past few days.
Watermelon tent!  I don't like to camp but I might just go to use this.  Designed and sold by FieldCandy
I am getting married in May and for a small wedding I think these favors would be doable!  Found on the always amazing Martha Stewart Weddings
Wall Pockets by ampersand.  Can I please have these on one whole wall in my house to put stuff in?  They are cardboard and come shipped flat, but the website say's easily assembled.  Love!!
Aren't these bowls gorgeous?  Natural Selection Studio makes them.
Bodum Iced coffee maker.  It say's you put in the coffee, add cold water, put in fridge overnight, then press down, and there you go!  This might save Meridyth and I a lot of money from Dunkin Donuts!

I could keep going forever, I am feeling inspired today, but I am off to finish making my Matzah Ball soup for poor Meridyth who doesn't feel well today.

Until tomorrow,



Oh, wish me luck, I go to see my neurosurgeon tomorrow to find out why I still have all this neuropathy down my arm!

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