Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year and Jean Francois De Witte Photographs


I hope everyone had a safe and happy night last night.  I am a little ashamed to report that I fell asleep around 9:15 pm last night!  However Meridyth and I had a lovely time at her mother's with my soon to be sister and brother in-law.

We ate dinner and had chocolate fondue for dessert which was absolutely fantastic!  It makes me want to find the fondue pot my sister gave me four years ago that we have never used!

So, I was searching around the web today and I came across some great photographs by a photographer I had never heard of before. 

I like these pictures because not only does he use everyday objects, but there is nothing deep or serious to them.  They are light and playful, whimsical, and fun.

I love that I can always find new and different images that match my mood.

All of these photographs are by Jean Francois De Witte, click on link to see original article.

This one is my favorite of the bunch!
Happy New Year again everyone!  Until tomorrow.



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