Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Bigger Picture and some cool stuff....

Hi all!

How did everyone's Thursday go?  I feel like this week absolutely flew by for some reason.

Again today I am soooo tired.  Some thoughts on that:
First, neck surgery sucks. 
Second, hurting from trying to hold up my head also sucks. 
Third, I didn't realize how large and heavy my head was until I had neck surgery. 
Fourth, when I see patients at work they might be the ones with the problems, but the look on their faces when they see a tech with a BIG FAT NECK BRACE, is priceless! 
Fifth, is does not take much to make me smile and have a good day.

Seriously, I work for a cardiology practice and patients looked at me all day and asked if I was o.k.  Or maybe their look of horror was they thought work was why I was wearing the neck brace.  Regardless, I wish I had a camera to capture the looks!

On the same thought my third mom told me something the other week when I was having a breakdown.  Yes I have three moms and one day if you are lucky I will tell you about them!

This very smart woman in my life told me that currently I have no control.  I can't control my body, I can't control the number of hours I am able to work, I can't control that I can't go to the gym, and I can't control that Meridyth and I are not making lots of money.  That is when she said the word Faith.  Have faith.

Funny enough just hearing her say it calmed me.  So ladies and gentlemen that is what I have been trying to do this past week....HAVE FAITH.
Please e-mail me if you know original artist/owner of image
I am not sure if this photo "means" faith, but isn't it awesome?

O.k., now some great products or items I am drooling over.  Like any person when I am feeling sad, what do I do?  Look at items online that I want/love/think are cool, etc...

Dinosaur planter from etsy shop CoastalMoss.  So cool! Rawwwwwerrrr!
Hedge Hog cheese grater!  Found on DesignBoom.  Who wouldn't want to grate cheese with this?!
Japan, Nagano Hotel, Tunnel of Lights.  This looks magical!

Now I will leave you with this last thought from an awesome shop on etsy called Gayana
I'm off to be happy AND eat icecream!

Until tomorrow,



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