Friday, January 13, 2012

Artist Friday featuring Kaitlin Zorah McDonough

Hello all you lovely people!

I am trying to provide some consistency in posts on the blog, so I am definitely going to do Artist Friday's where every Friday I feature a different artist. 

If you would like to be featured send me an e-mail at!

This week I am featuring one of my good friends who I lived and went to school with in Venice, Italy.  She is an amazing painter and printmaker and is still living and working in Venice.  I am featuring just a few of my favorites that she has done so please check out her site for more.

Drum roll please!!!

Here is some of the lovely and inspiring work of Kaitlin Zorah McDonough
Dining Room
Winter at it's End
He Visits Home
He Can Think Her There Beside Him
I love Kaitlin's work.  It takes me to a place of dreams and travel and yearning and love.  I hope you enjoy her world as much as I do.

Have a relaxing, fun, and enjoyable weekend!



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