Thursday, January 26, 2012

Two new cards, Insomnia, and Mer's wedding inspiration board...

Hello out there!

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday! 

I have been having such a hard time sleeping (not sure if it is insomnia or the neck pain) that around 8 last night when I thought about blogging I couldn't get up! 

I was FINALLY comfortable in bed, with the icepack just right, my curly hair not bothering me, and my smushy pillows lumps in just the right place!  There was no way I was going to move to even go to the bathroom! 

I did get up in the middle of the night for an ice pack replacement but I finally slept pretty well!

How has everyone else's week been?

The really exciting thing about today was that I worked on two new cards yesterday that I put up this morning on LoveUPaperly

One is a set of three Thank You note-cards and the other card say's Hugs & Kisses.  Particularly good for Valentine's Day which is right around the corner!

The other images I wanted to show you was from an inspiration board I made for Meridyth for our wedding.

Remember I made one for myself from this blog post?  Well, I made one for her as well which I consider to be "classy".  Let me know what you think!
If one of these images is yours or you know the person who owns it please tell me and I would be happy to cite it!
I Love, Love, Love the ruffled cake on the bottom.  Gorgeous!

So, I think we are getting pizza and salad tonight which I could not be more excited for!

Until tomorrow,



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