Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Stuff, New Years, and a picture of Buddy

Hello, Hello!

How is everyone today?  I am excited to have three days off.  I am really looking forward to kicking 2011's a** out the door!

I hope for most of you that this was an excellent year, but in all honesty 2011 has been very difficult for numerous reasons and I am hoping that all of the lessons I have learned over these past few months will be put to good use in 2012!

I am hoping for so many things in the New Year for myself and my loved ones, but most of all I am hoping for health, happiness, and financial stability.  These three big things I have realized require a balance and I am hoping for that balance to happen soon!

As for what I have been doing for the past week, I have been busy thinking of projects that I want to work on.

I am currently working on a new series of cards that I am calling:  Dream Big.

There have been so many people in the last year that have set their sights on goals and have achieved them.  Since the New Year has been coming all week I have been thinking of people that have inspired me in many ways in the past year.

Here's a peek:

I letter-pressed Dream Big and hand cut a stamp of Adele who without her music playing in my head this year I might not have made it some days.  Meridyth and I listened to her on numerous trips to the ER!

That is it for today lovelies!  I am sending good thoughts for all of your New Year's, be safe, have fun, and until next year!



And one picture of my Buddy boy to leave on!  I was never a cat person but how can you not love that Putnam (face in Yiddish)!
He said he can't wait for 2012 either!

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