Thursday, December 29, 2011

NPR, Maurice Sendak, and a beautiful dress

Hello lovelies!! How is everyone doing today? I had a good cry yesterday and heard some good advice that I really listened too and feel calmer and more centered than I have in awhile.

I actually worked five hours today and on the way home they played an amazing interview with Maurice Sendak. I was literally bawling (which doesn't take much lately). It was an interview that hit me in a core part of myself.

His description of how he loves the people in his life, and the joy he feels with the world was so beautiful. You can start to understand why his artwork and stories are how they are. Go here if you want to listen. Plus, I didn't know he was gay and had a partner of fifty years! Very cool!  Or that he was happy he never had his own children.  It's a definite one to listen too!

On another note I was browsing Ruffled Blog a beautiful wedding blog I look at most days, and I came across the most beautiful dress.

I then clicked on the wedding photographers link Sweet Little Photographs which is run by high school sweet hearts who tied the knot and are based out of Los Angelos.  I love finding new photography blogs to stalk!

I digress, here is a picture of the gorgeous dress made by Oscar de La Renta:

Don't you love the black and white and the details? Oh, and she's wearing hot pink shoes! Ahhmazing!!!

Love, Jess

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