Monday, December 12, 2011

I am a Tortoise

I spend a lot of time looking at things online.  Being a wedding photographer and lover of pretty things I love, love, love, sites like dwellinggawker or pinterest which lets me look at those pretty things in an easy space.  I also love looking at other wedding photographers blogs and this morning I found a Nashville wedding photographer that not only has amazing images, but also wrote something personal on her blog that really rang true.

The photographers name is Alex Bee, please check out her site if you haven't it's awesome, and she wrote something about being a tortoise instead of a firecracker.

When I read this I immediately thought to myself, this is me!

To me, being a tortoise means that accomplishing things is never easy.  Not only do I second guess myself, but there also seems to be so many roadblocks in the way.  I know a lot of people go through ups and downs, but have you ever looked at someone and just thought that even though they had to work to get what they wanted you bet you would have to work twice as hard for the same thing?

I honestly am not trying to be negative, but I have always been one of those people that things just never seem to fall into my lap.

To make a point to this post:  There are a lot of things in my life that feel hard right now.  I'm in pain from my surgery, I can only work a few hours a week, I'm questioning if my art is good enough to sell or if people will even like it, Meridyth is still looking for a job (she was let go from her company in August).  Things are hard and kind of suck.

Then I remember...I'm A Tortoise!  I go slow but will eventually find my way.  Remembering that not only gives me hope, but makes me smile.

So here's to all the tortoises out there!  May each of you find your way as slowly as you must!



(Source: Demetri Martin)

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