Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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Hello Everyone!

Happy Wednesday!  I actually really love Wednesday's and I know not a lot of people do.  I feel like Wednesday is a day full of possibilities.  You can start to think about the weekend because you only have two days left of the work week!  You can congratulate yourself for working hard for three days and only having two days left to go, and I like to think on Wednesday that the week is still full of possibilities!  Not always easy, but since my neck surgery I have been trying to think of the glass as half full.

So that my lovelies is my Wednesday musing.  On to a christmas gift I bought Meridyth!  Meridyth and I are both artists.  I majored in black and white photography and fine art in college, and Meridyth minored in art and majored in Computer Science.  So, she needed/wanted a new pencil case because she loves to draw with graphite pencils.  I have been looking everywhere for a pencil tin with no luck.  I tried all the major chains and ebay and art stores.  Then I realized I didn't look at etsy!  So silly.  So I looked last night and found a man who sells handmade wooden pencil cases.  His name is Dallen Wright and his shop is Rexburbia.  Here is what I bought for Mer last night.  She was really excited!

Now onto some blogs that I follow pretty religiously.  One photographer whose blog I love reading is Katie Jane Photography.  I found her a few months ago because I love looking at elopement photography online.  Something about two people running away together and tying the knot just makes me swoon!  Well, she is a great photographer out of New York, and does a lot of elopements.  If you want some eye candy and people in love, I would definitely check her out. 

Another site that had me actually laughing out loud last night was The Knotty Bride.  I had never known this blog exsisted until last night and now that I do this is going to be a regular read!  She is sassy, and witty, and also talks about weddings!  Not for the meek of heart but I am a little bit in love.

Hope you enjoyed my musings for a Wednesday!  Until tomorrow...



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