Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's all in a name

So, a quick update about me. Went to PT this morning. It is semi torturous and semi fantastic. I love estim and ice! Also went to work for the first time in over a month. It was so good to see my coworkers and interact with living beings other than Meridyth and our cats!

As for the meat of the actual post I wanted to talk about the name of the shop and the blog. Loveupaperly is my take on loving something properly. I wanted the shop name to be catchy, but cute and I also wanted to take a piece of a good memory and use it.

My Grandma Lee who was my moms mom, always used to tell the grandkids to "love things properly". Meaning be respectful and grateful, and love the things and people in your life truthfully.

This shop and blog are a part of me living up to that statement. The art I am making and the objects that I want to sell all come from me loving things properly. So I promise to love things properly. Hence the name , loveupaperly. I had to also bring in my obsession with all things paper! Otherwise it just wouldn't be me!

Now, to sign off with a bit of eye candy via 1453designs. Vintage camera bookends! LOVE!

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