Friday, December 9, 2011

progress, progress, progress

I had an allergy appointment today for my unusual allergic reactions.  Mer and I have been to the ER 5 times in the last month and the doctor's honestly have no idea what is going on.  It seems that IV benadryl and steroids are my best friends lately.  However, I love, love, love my allergist and she wears...wait for it...glitter, hot pink, chucks!  Amazing!  Oh, and she had a red hair extension in her hair today.  Quite possibly the coolest doctor ever.

After the appointment I was hurting a lot from my neck so I decided to go to Michael's, craft store therapy of course, to get some paper to mount my newest quilling creations I am working on because I would really like to start listing them in my etsy shop.  No one told me that the craft store was going to look like they were giving things away!  I think half of Maryland was playing hookey from work trying to get ready for the holidays!

Well, now I am home, and I just sprayed the quilling photos with matte spray to seal them.  I am also working on a sort of inspiration board of things I have loved this week.  Props to all of those bloggers out there that do inspiration boards all the time!  Not only are they time consuming, but making sure that each image is sited correctly is crazy!  I personally love the inspiration boards from the website  Check them out if you haven't yet, some are definitely drool worthy.

Here are some pictures of my progress!  Now on to ice the neck and take a pain pill!



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