Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lovely Sunday Photographs

Every Sunday I am going to publish a pretty photo.  Sunday's are a bit of a conundrum in my world. You know in your head you still have all day until you have to go back to work tomorrow, so that is... lovely.  However, I usually get a case of the Sunday blues.  Sunday blues happen because I know I have to finish everything that I started so excitedly yesterday because I won't have the free time once Monday hits!

So, from this day onward, lovely sunday photographs will happen so that everyone can find  a little beauty in the day and maybe help it will help me beat the Sunday blues.

Below is a photo of the cupcakes I made from scratch for the first time!  The icing didn't work, but they tasted pretty good and sprinkles make everything look delectable.

Happy Sunday everyone!



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