Monday, December 26, 2011

31 things

Merry day after Christmas everyone!

I hope most of you have the day off and are recovering from all the food and drink that were had over the holiday.

On a different note, I have been blogging now for about two weeks and I hope you feel you know me a little better, but I think it is time to really open up and share a bit more.

Hopefully if I share a bit more, some of you our there reading will start to comment a bit. I want to know who you are!  So here we go. 31 things you don't know about me.

1.   I am 31 years old
2.   I lived in Venice, Italy for a year and went to school for my M.A in graphic design
3.   I have three best friends. Steph, Meridyth (my fiancĂ©) and Lisa
4.   My mother and Lisa's mother are best friends and met when they were pregnant with us
5.   I played tennis in high school
6.   I am going back to school to hopefully be a nurse or a P.A
7.   I worked as a hostess in a restaurant for two hours and they fired me
8.   It is the only job I have ever been fired from
9.   My first concert was Hootie and the Blowfish
10.  I had my first major surgery this year, a disectomy/spinal fusion
11.  I have been dealing with depression since my early twenties
12.  I strongly believe in therapy
13.  I hate flying but love airports
14.  I lived in Israel for a summer and worked on an archeological dig
15.  I knew after that I did not want to be an archeologist
16.  I have insomnia and it is usually on those nights I feel most creative
17.  I am a wedding photographer,
18.  Meridyth and I have been together for almost seven years
19.  I like falling asleep to the movie Jurrasic Park
20.  I have one sister that is five years older than me
21.  I am an NPR junkie
22.  I treat our cats like dogs because I never had a cat until two years ago
23.  I believe in soul mates and angels
24.  I was brought up Jewish, though more culturally than religiously
25.  I'm very stubborn
26.  I still occasionally get carded when I go to the movies
27.  I did a sprint triathlon and finished
28.  I love to read and usually read 3 or 4 books at a time
29.  I love watching On the Case with Paula Zahn
30.  Miller Light is my favorite beer
31.  Cinqueterre is my favorite place on earth

That's it!! Thirty one things. I hope you feel you know me a little better. Now you can share with me! Don't be shy!
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