Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday cheer and a little crying

Happy Friday!!!! So, tomorrow officially kicks off the holiday and though my family is in Florida and Seattle we have tons of Mer's family here in Maryland and we have get togethers all weekend! I am super excited to see people and eat good food! Today was not a great day though. I am six weeks post surgery and for the past two days the pain has been pretty bad. There are also other stressful situations that I feel unable to handle. I usually deal with stress by going to the gym and pushing my body to it's limit, but since I can't do that...I cry. I cried at physical therapy today. I cried from pain, from feeling a lack of control, and for situations out of my control. However, as I am lying in bed surrounded by Mer and my kitties I pray that 2012 is a better year and I give thanks for the many, many, many learning experiences that happened in 2011. Though I am hoping for less learning experiences in 2012! I have photos to share with you but the will be coming soon. Maybe even tomorrow! Until then Merry Christmas Eve Eve and happy holidays! Love Jess

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