Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sporadic Posts, Wedding Stuff, and Life...

Hello, Hello Lovelies!

How is everyone's week going?

So sorry that the posting has be sporadic if you have been checking.

Things have been very busy with lots of wedding decisions.  I went for a tasting with my parents at Guapos which is a family owned Mexican restaurant in the D.C. area.

We have been hammering down drink details, I have been writing the ceremony, talking to friends that are flying in, and being all around wedding obsessed!

I figure it is not that bad since we are only about a month away from the big day!

However, though the wedding is a BIG DEAL, to me and Meridyth at least, other life things still happen.  How dare they, right?!

Meridyth's car broke down today for the third time in the last six months and she had a appointment to go to so I had to rush home, I did a nice U-turn (don't tell!) and she had to drive me to work and take my car.

I am still taking massive amounts of steroids and am finally not waking up with raised red rashes everywhere...benadryl is still being taken!

I hope to start blogging regularly again after the wedding!  I have come to enjoy sharing my adventures, crafts, internet finds, and life on these pages.

Until then I will be posting as much as I can!

Lots of Love,


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