Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reminders to see the joy in the world...

I have a lot going on in my little world this week my lovelies...

Not all great stuff, mostly not great stuff, but I am trying to keep my head up, a smile on, and a little zip to my step.

I'm still working out how much personal stuff I want to share on this blog.  The whole reason of setting up this blog was for me to share the wonder and amazement I see in the world.

I really wanted this blog to be totally immersed in happiness and joy.

Don't get me wrong, I am happy but still stuff has been pretty shitty the past few months and the crap keeps on a piling it seems.

The way I mostly deal with crappy stuff is
1.  To talk it out.  I have to say that I have some great, great friends/family that let me complain, and cry, and talk it out until finally I am told to  GET OVER IT!
2.  To look at gorgeous, amazingly stunning images and remind myself of the beauty I love and covet and share.

That is why this week has been full of pretty pictures.  Again today I am going to share some images that I think are gorgeous/fun/cute...the world makes me happy.
"Real Friends" by Ksuksa Raykova
Image found on Endless Nightmare Tumblr
"Peace and Freedom" by Nhuthanh
catavioletacamposdiaz tumblr
Peter Pan Movie Quote
LooLoo and Darby Doodle
Faces of Dad
Birds in Flight
The last four images were taken my me.



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