Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So utterly, crazy, emotionally and physically exhausted...

Hi Guys/Gals/People...

I don't have a lot to say tonight.  I am sooo tired.  I have to take an exam tomorrow for one of my classes, and I have been trying to work full days (i.e not go home early if I don't feel good!).

So I worked a full day and then came home, ate dinner with Mer (Thank you $5 subway subs!), and studied until right this minute.

I have to confess I have been putting off the studying so now I am having to cram it in, so yes that is definitely my fault!

Also, as most of you know I work at a medical practice and I had my first patient that I was close with pass away yesterday.  I didn't realize how affected I would be.  All I could keep asking the nurses I work with was, "Does this get easier?".  None of them could really answer.  I think it is different for each person.

So now I have an awesomely cold icepack on my neck and am lying with one snoring cat on the pillow next to me, and a warm purring cat stretched out across my legs.  I refer to the one on my legs as my purring heating pad.

I love that no matter how tired, hurt, or stressed I am I can always enjoy our kitties, eating dinner with my sweetheart, and watching an old 20/20 on ID.

It is definitely the small things.

Now I will leave you with two thoughts.


I hope everyone else is enjoying the small things tonight, and don't worry, I have so many good posts coming up so check back!

Lots of love,


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