Friday, March 23, 2012

Artist Friday Showcase: Heike Weber

Thank goodness it's Friday!

I wanted to do the artist showcase today since blogging has not been high on the list this week.

To give you an update, I am feeling a little better from the allergic reaction, but yesterday I woke up with a horrible cold with a capital H!  This morning my throat might actually be on fire.  I am hoping that means when I someone makes me made today that fire will actually come out of my mouth...

Onto the artist!

Heike Weber is a Swedish artist that does amazing installation work.  She uses permanent markers on acrylic floors and walls.  Many of her installations cover the whole room.

I think I was first drawn to her work because I love the idea of being surrounded and enveloped by a work of art.  It takes artwork to a different place. 

Aren't these installations amazing?!

I am blown away by the intricate details of the design and the patience it takes to make something like this.

I love the photograph that is the third from the bottom, done in blue.  Walking on that I think would make me feel like I was walking on water.

Lots of Love,


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