Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tiny eco friendly houses and why I love them...

Happy almost Friday!  We have all almost made it until the end of the week.

However, I think I have a world record of crying at work for the week.  I have cried, not one, not two, not three, but all four days so far this week!  If I cry tomorrow I will have cried for some reason or another EVERY SINGLE DAY of the work week!

It is o.k. though because I have continued to work through the crying and I have not left work to go home because I can't stop.

Does anyone else cry a lot?  I know it bothers or makes some people uncomfortable, but if I don't get out the tears I never feel better.

On a different note, I came across this Eco Perch on the website WHATTHECOOL and it reminded me that for awhile I was absolutely obsessed with tiny houses.

Not only are most of them very environmentally friendly but who wouldn't want to live in a tiny/adorably cute house?

Here are some of my favorite examples:
Eco Perch by BlueForest
Tumble Weed Tiny Wooden House
Rustic homes on wheels designed by architect Tom Kundig
Tiny colorful cottages by the town of Hartteras taken by Bill Dickinson on Flickr
Inside a tiny house on Elle & Blair Blog
Tiny House Interior found on the website Tiny House Design
Wouldn't you want to live in one of these tiny houses?  I could see myself using it for a personal escape, or an artist cottage.

I love small spaces, maybe I was a cat in a past life, also remember I lived in Venice, Italy and the apartments are not that big!

I love how you can take a very tiny/simple space and make it usable and beautiful.  Maybe one day!  We have to finish decorating our townhouse first!



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