Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Listing on LoveUPaperly: Chunky and Bright Paper Bracelet

Hi Everyone!

I am sitting working on my etsy shop.  I think the hardest thing to do is write up the listings and figure out the photographs.

Making the product is sooo easy compared to all the other stuff!  Does anyone else wish that it would sell and promote magically by itself?!  I just want to CREATE!

Back to the real world!  I have listed a new item that I absolutely love!

It is another bracelet.  I love the shape which is square on the top of the wrist and then fans out into a chunky bangle.

The bracelet is completely made out of paper which makes it Eco-friendly and it is bright and hip which will make you want to wear it with lots of outfits!

I am selling this for $15 on LoveUPaperly along with other jewelry!

Lots of Love,


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