Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Carol Hannah Wedding Dresses 2013 Collection and an Etsy Shop

Halfway through the week people!  I have dreams of calling out of work today and staying home and drinking ginger-ale (I have been so nauseous the past week) but some dreams must stay dreams and work is calling me to come in.

However, before I run to my "real" job I wanted to share with you Carol Hannah's collection of wedding and bridesmaid dresses that are beyond dreamy!

When I came across her site and read her bio I became even more excited when I realized she had been a contestant on Project Runway!
She was on season 6.  I don't remember if I watched that season but after this post this is a very good reason to re-watch season 6!

Looking at her collection I have a feeling when you put on her clothes a woman would just want to twirl in big circles and watch the clothing swoosh around you.

Aren't these dresses very pretty?  You can find more on Carol Hannah's Website.

Wait, that's not all!  I also found that she had an etsy website.  How cool is that?  She sells dresses and accessories.

I've become a little obsessed this morning with Carol Hannah.  Definitely check her out.

Lots of Love,


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