Monday, August 20, 2012

Having a Blogger Feature your Work: To Ask or Not to Ask

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I hope everyone's Monday is off to a lovely start.  I start my statistics class tonight and I am nervous!  Mer had to find her TI-83 Calculator for me and I haven't had to use one of those since 10th grade geometry!  If I remember correctly I didn't do very well in 10th grade geometry...

However, I digress...Today in my blog post I wanted to talk about bloggers picturing work and not asking the person who owns the images or product.  I am hoping to hear opinions about this subject as well.

Since I started my blog, I have tried very hard to site, link, and give the correct person who made the image/art/etc, the correct credit.

I have always been of the mindset that most people believe, including myself, that any publicity is good publicity.  I also have been of the mindset that most people out there would be happy to have their work on any blog as long as credit was given.

Last week I came across some angry tweets from wedding photographers who were very mad that there pictures were put on a blog that they did not give permission to be put on.  I don't know the whole story, or if their image had a link or citation to who they were and back to their homepage, but honestly the whole conversation had me upset.

I adore finding cool images on the web and sharing them with you.  The same goes to finding photographers or artists.  I don't usually ask to feature their work but I always cite and give credit and tell the reader to go back to the original website.

All of the sudden I feel like I am doing something wrong.  However, I feel like if any blog wanted to use images from my etsy site I would be over the moon with the free publicity as long as my name was on the images and a link was put back to my site.

What do you guys think?  Would you be very upset if someone featured your work and didn't ask but did cite the images?
Cartoon by R.J. Romero
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