Friday, August 3, 2012

Products to Love


I have 20 minutes before I have to start work and I am determined to type out this post as fast as I can!

Does anyone else notice that no matter how quiet you try to be at work, basically stamping on your back, "I don't work for twenty more minutes!", someone always ask you to do something?! 

O.k., onto the products!
Chalkboard animal cutouts from A+R Store selling for $76.  They have a whale one that I have my eye on!
I have been obsessed with saving space in our house lately and this fold-out convertable desk is really cool.  Found on Solutions website  selling for $229.
Animal footprint sandals for kids by Kiko.  I can just see my Neice and Nephews running around at the beach.  I kind of want these for myself too!  The cost about $30-$35 in American Currency.

I love this doormat!  Item can be found on Shop the Future Perfect for $50.
How cute are these wedding party cozies?  I wish we had these for ours!  Can be found on BelleStyles.

Lots of Love,


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