Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pins and Repins on Pinterest this week

Happy Thursday!
What a looong week!  I am hoping to having a some quality time with Mer this week, but if we don't my parents will be home soon and I'll be home with Mer and the cats.

I only had three Pins/Repins this week on Pinterest but they are some good ones! 
Original source unknown
 How cool is this?  As you might know I am obsessed with Italy and this would be really cool to do with a map from there.

Here are the directions:
1. Paint your nails white/cream
2. Soak nails in alcohol for five minutes
3. Press nails to map and hold
4. Paint with clear protectant immediately after it dries.
Original Source Unknown
This photograph is dreamy.  If anyone knows the original source I would love to give it credit.
Project found on LifeHacker
I think this is such a good use for old wine corks.  Check out the original project on the website LifeHacker.

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