Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quotes, Products, and Pictures!

Happy Wednesday!

We have made it half way through the week!

I have been finding so many random things that I just adore around the web and I wanted to share a smorgasbord with you today!  I hope you get a kick out of everything as much as I do.
The Fancy
Aren't these really adorable?  Who wouldn't want these in your house?  I thought it would be a cute engagement present too!
Heidi and Lola- Heather Trine
I have turned into a cat lady.  I never thought it would happen but it has!  I am going to embrace it and aren't these sets of pictures a great way to do it?!
I am not the biggest Lady Gaga fan but this quote is AWESOME!  I might letterpress this one because I could use this reminder probably once a day.
Rachel Reynold Designs

Rachel Reynold Designs
Slide lamps shades by Rachel Reynold Designs on Etsy.  How cool is that?  I wish I had thought of that in my college days when I had slides all over the place!
Oh Dier Living on Etsy
If you were a child in the 90's who did not see The Sandlot and who has not said this for the rest of their lives?  My best friend and I still say this to each other!  Available here.

Hope all this randomness made you smile!

Lots of Love,


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