Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Engagement Ring Blues

Hi Everyone!
I am so tired today.  A rash I have had for months has come back in full force and I am taking a lot of benadryl!

I have a good topic for today though so I hope you read it!

I have had engagement ring blues for a little bit.

I have to admit that I was very excited after saying I do to wear my engagement ring and wedding ring together.

Meridyth and I have been together for seven years and we actually bought our wedding rings before I proposed to her.

We started wearing matching rings six months into our relationship.  I had come home from Italy, I had left a month after we met and was living there for the next year.  She surprised me and took me to Tiffany's where she bought us matching silver rings that we wore faithfully for the next six years.

We upgraded six years later to beautiful one carrott emerald cut diamond bands.  Then I proposed and she bought me an engagement ring!

I purposely only wore my engagement ring so after we got married it would feel different getting to wear the band and engagement ring together.

Now onto the blues!  I looked at my engagement ring last week in the car and a small piece of a baguette was missing!  I was so sad (still am) and I stopped wearing it because I didn't want any of  the bigger diamonds to fall out.

So I have been wearing my wedding band but I wanted to have a ring to wear with it until I had my "real" engagement ring fixed and checked.

I searched through etsy and came across a shop called musicmusic2010.

I order a beautiful ring that was a simulated saphire with cubic zirconia around the saphire.  I was worried though.  That the saphire would look fake and that the ring wouldn't be classy.

I would like to say that I was happily surprised!  I have had so many compliments on my "fake" ring and it has made me happy to wear the bling on my finger and less sad about my poor engagement ring.

My friend at work who has a saphire ring that was much more expensive said she wanted my ring instead!  I would totally suggest checking them out.  The shops owner's name is Ernesto and his work is beautiful.  The ring was sized to 7.5 which fit beautifully and the stones sparkle.

Here is what he say's about his shop:
"This is a collection of my imagination. Rings set with rich colorful stones, accented with a bit of sparkel, stars, and flowers. Inspired by music, nature and the art of words, they will color your life and brighten your mood. Take a look, I also welcome commissioned pieces in gold, platinum, natural stones, and diamonds." 

Here are some examples:

The pictures do not do these rings justice. 

I am very happy with my ring and if you are looking for an alternative engagement ring or just to treat yourself to something beautiful I would definitely check it out!

Lots of Love,


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