Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Muju World

Hello Lovelies!

I have been looking back at my posts and Oh My Goodness!  I am all over the place!  There are many reasons for this but lately I have had no attention span and a hard time focusing therefore you are getting some really random posts!

Today my random post is about Muju World.  Muju World is a collaboration between two artists known on their website at Mr and Mrs. Muju.  The live in England and both are VERY talented and create resin sculptures, felt sculptures, prints, zines, pencil cases, and custom skateboards.

When I came across their site I couldn't help but smile.  I love finding quirky, original artists that don't seem to care about if their product is going to sell but just make really cool things.

I think that the felt and resin sculptures are just so fun so I am going to show you a few images of those!
Whirlpool Muju Felt Sculpture
Atlantic Ocean Guardian Sculpture
Black Astral Muju Felt Sculpture
Deep Water Felt Sculpture #3
Pacific Ocean Guardian Sculpture
Aren't they awesome?  Check out more of their stuff at Muju World

(Note:  I am not paid to promote any of these sites.  I just like them and want to share the coolness)

Lots of Love,


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