Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Best Friends...

Hello Gorgeous People Out There!

I am going to sleep tonight with a big smile on my face because I spent the night with my best friend.

I actually have two best friends.  Both are two amazing women who keep me grounded and know me inside and out.

The lovely lady I saw tonight is Lisa and more than a best friend she is like a sister.  Our mother's met each other when they were pregnant with us and I was born in April and Lisa was born in May.  Our mother's are actually best friends too!

We went through pre-school, elementary, middle, high school, and even college together!  We liked the same boys (when I liked boys!), went on family vacations, were in the school plays, and always slept next to each other at summer camp.

She makes me laugh so hard I almost couldn't drive the car tonight.

There is no pressure to call or have certain etiquette.  She is family and I was so happy to see her tonight.

Do any of you have a best friend like that?

Every girl needs one or two or three!
Lisa and I at summer camp before senior year of high school
Lots of Love,


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