Monday, April 9, 2012

Early Morning Pre-Work Blog Obsession

Goodmorning Lovelies!

I have to start work in 20 minutes but I got here early so I was able to peruse the web while drinking my coffee.

I was looking at Elizabeth Messina's blog, Kiss the Groom, (sidenote:  her photographs are to die for/I drool when I look at them, her use of light, SWOON!) and came across a blog she suggested by her friend Hollye Jacobs.

Holy Moly, this blog is great!  It is called The Silver Pen

Talk about inspirational...with beautiful words, pictures, thoughts...

I could spend all day on it...but I have to work/help people with heart problems!

Definitely check out the heart feels a little less bruised because of it....

Lots of Love,


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