Saturday, September 1, 2012

Favorite Movie to Watch When I am Feeling Blue

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Well, my Saturday hasn't been so happy.  I've felt sad today.  Actually sad all week.  I went back and forth writing about it, but I figured that everyone should know that sometimes things suck. 

Actually, nothing in particular is really sucky at the moment, it is just an all over melancholy feeling that I can't shake.  I did have a migraine last week, I miss Meridyth because I am staying at my parents, and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with my statistics class.  There are other things of course, money, housework, all the usual things that everyone has to deal with.

However, I think someone was watching out for me this afternoon.  I studied all day, took a nap, and woke up to study more but turned on the t.v. to see if any show would keep me company while I learned about standard deviations.

It just so happened that my favorite feel good movie was on:

Julie and Julia.

I love this movie for so many reasons.  It is about food, which I obviously love.  It is about a woman who is feeling unhappy with her career and through hardwork and some luck she is eventually able to do what she wants to with her career which is write.

I think I love this movie because I feel a strong bond to the main character.  Her drive to be creative but having to work full time because she needs to make money.  Feeling selfish and acting selfish with her partner because of her need to get somewhere in life, and her perseverance with many slip-ups in-between.  Meridyth groans when I watch this movie.  She thinks it is cheesy, but I think that is also why I like it.

I feel good when I watch this movie because it gives me hope that dreams do come true.  Plus, Meryl Streep is absolutely charming as Julia Childs and I want to put her in my kitchen and talk to her all day.
I definitely recommend watching this movie if you are feeling blue.  It will help to keep the blues at bay.

Lots of Love,


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