Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sculptures by Gavin Worth

Hi!  How is everyone today?

I am staying at my parents house this week watching there dogs because they are in Seattle visiting my Sister who just had her fourth child about three weeks ago!

Welcome baby Jack! 

When I am at my parents I have more time to play on the internet because Meridyth is not here and though I adore the dogs I am a little lonely so it distracts me.

This is a totally different post, but I am actually surprised how lonely and bored I am when I don't have Mer around.  In the past I relished spending time by myself but I guess after seven going on eight years with Mer, even if we are not the same room, I am spoiled having her around.

I digress, onto the artwork!

Gavin Worth is a sculpture, painter, and all around artist who has lived all around the world and currently lives and works in Cairo, Egypt whre he teaches at the American International School.

I don't usually find myself drawn to sculpture but his are so amazingly beautiful.  They are delicate yet hard at the same time and I love the play of those two things.
"And Light Fell on Her Face Through Heavy Darkness"

"Corpus Callosum"

"Hands Clasped"

"Hands Supplicated"

"Morning Pose"

"The Sadness of Meeting

As I look at these sculptures I realize that part of the beauty of them is not only the intricacy and details, but also that the artist seems to be drawing as if he is using charcoal and not wire.

Check out more on his website.  It will also take you to his blog.

Lots of Love,


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