Friday, January 18, 2013

Where I have been this week and Products that Make my Life easier when I don't feel Good!

Hello, Hello!!!

Happy Friday!

I feel so bad, but another week has gone by, and my lofty goals of blogging everyday (I have some good posts started!) fell through when Monday came.

I didn't feel well all weekend, same things I have been in the hospital for previously but Monday at work was the worst I have been and I was in tears with Meridyth and my Mom asking if I should go to the hospital.

I didn't...we were able to put another plan in place that I have been working on all week.  I am happy to report that I seem to slowly be getting myself better and I am happy to say that I went to work Every Single Day!

So, I am hoping to post tonight an Artist showcase Friday tongiht but for this morning I wanted to highlight some products that I find myself loving this week that help me make my life easier/better, especially when I am not feeling well.

(reminder:  this is not a paid post, these are just things that I think are great!)

1.  Suave Dry Shampoo
What I love about this product is that it is inexpensive $2-$3 and I can use it on the mornings when I don't feel like showering but my hair looks horrible.  I spray it on, it takes the oil out of my hair and then I reblowdry my hair and it looks better!

2.  My K Cup
This product is a little more expensive.  We found it for $18 at Walmart.  Since I have been missing work our coffee/Keurig obsession has gotten a little too expensive for our budget.  I didn't not realize that they sold something that you could buy regular coffee and still use your single cup Keurig!  Expensive k-cup problem solved!

3.  Slushy Magic
This is quite possibly my favorite new thing, EVER!  I am always nauseous and therefore always craving Slurpee's from 711 and fountain sodas.  Meridyth brought this home and though I was skeptical at first it has been the best $15 she has spent.  I have used it everyday this week with diet gingerale.  Honestly it's awesome!  She bought it at Walmart.

Here is another Product for your Hair that I Love.
4.  Aussie Three Minute Miracle
This product is only $3-$4, I usually buy it at Walmart, and it is like going to the salon for a deep conditioning treatment.  My hair is always more manageable and it always makes me feel better.  Plus it smells really good!

The last thing is not a product but a website I have been using that I thought deserved credit.

I have been doing phase 1 of the South Beach diet since New Years with some breaks from being sick and having a colonoscopy inbetween!  A great website I have been using is Kalyn's Kitchen.

In 2008 her site had a round up of recipes for all different phases of the South Beach diet.  Thank goodness for the internet the recipes and the wonderful pictures are all still there!  Here is a link to the older recipes.

That's it for now.

I'm am so late!

Lots of Love,


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  1. jess! i love you so much. we do south beach recipes even when we're not being strict and kalyn's kitchen is one of my faves.

    you are also one of my faves. i know life is crazy but i miss you madly and we need to get in touch soon, k?

    love love love
    other jess