Thursday, January 10, 2013

No pictures in this post....It's been a hard week.

Hello All!

How is everyone doing this week?

This week has been a rough one for me and to be truthful I am having a hard time.

Having this blog I always wonder how to handle these rough weeks.  Should I completely pretend they are not happening and continue posting about happiness and all the beautiful things that I love or should I address the suckiness that is life sometimes?

Truthfully, I set up the blog in the first place to get away from the realness of the world and to enjoy that I could have a place to escape and enjoy the beauty and the amazing things that are out there everywhere you look.

Yet, how I am as a person, how I have always been, is that when I am feeling very real emotions and going through things I can't ignore them.  I was a sensitive child and I grew up into a sensitive adult that has been able to channel those feelings into being an artist.

Therefore, I am usually silent on the blog when I am having a bad week because I can't force myself to post about a great dish that I made or a beautiful dress that I found because when I don't feel happy I don't usually want to post about happy things.

I constantly look at others blogs.  Lots of wedding blogs.  Style me Pretty, Green Weddings Shoes, Snippet and Ink, Rock and Roll Bride...I know the people that run these blogs can't be happy all the time but all of the posts week after week drip with gorgeousness and glam and prettiness and goodness.

I think maybe I am a little jealous that I can't bring myself to feel that happiness all the time.  Or the jealous feeling stems from the fact that I can't force myself to hit the post button and publish a happy post when I am not happy.

This post wraps into my New Years resolutions which is trying to figure out where I want this blog to go.  How truthful do I want it to be?  Do I want to show more of myself?  Do I only want happy posts with beautiful pictures and gorgeous products or should I talk about real issues in between the clouds of happiness?

So much to thing about don't you think? 

Lots of Love,


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