Friday, January 4, 2013

Artist Showcase Friday (Just a Little Late!)

Happy Friday Everyone!

I have decided to resurrect Artist Showcase Friday and I hope you are excited!

What gave me the push to do this is my best friend Stephanie.  She is in an MFA program in Boston and she recently sent me a long list of artists that she needed to pick from so she could have a mentor for her program for this coming semester.

As I began to look through the list of artists I became amazed by all of the amazing work that so many of them were making.  I was also amazed by the variety and extremes of the work.

Looking at the artists reminded me why I wanted to do the artist showcase in the first place.  It was really because there are so many artist out there and even if just a few people come across my blog and find them interesting or inspiring I think it's worth it.

For this Friday I came across Hannah Cole.

She is a painter and I am in love with some of her series of work.

I am going to highlight in on a particular series called love and demons which can also be found on her website along with many of her other works.

There is something about the detail in her work, and the reflections that she uses.  These paintings happen to be large in scale.  I could just stare at them for hours.  She also has a blog where she shows new things she is working on.  I think they are amazing.

Lots of Love,


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