Friday, January 11, 2013

Artist Showcase Friday: Stephanie Dotson

Happy Happy Friday!  I do not think I could say TGIF enough this week!  I cannot wait for 5:00 pm to show up on my phone today so I can grab my stuff and run (and I mean run with my head down like a linebacker making his way for the winning touchdown) for the door and to freedom!

Today I would like to showcase an amazing artist who is currently working in Indiana and specializes in printmaking.

I personally find her work intricate and delicate but surrounded in an explosion of interesting details and colors.  I introduce to you:  Stephanie Dotson.
Drug Rug, Silkscreen

Fountain (detail) 2011, encaustic and resin on wood


Drift-A-Weight, Installation from VoxPopuli Gallery, Philadelphia PA
Plane Shift, intaglio collage
I love her work!  Check out her website and her blog if you want to see more.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Lots of Love,


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